5 Awesome Batman Toys for the Dark Knight Fan

Propel Batwing HD Drone

Fly through the skies of Gotham City and be its silent guardian with this DC Comics Batwing HD Video Drone. The toy maker behind the fancy Star Wars drones – Propel has partnered with DC Entertainment to create a drone, shaped to resemble the Batman symbol. The Batwing is a great toy to fulfill your childhood fantasy and become Batman, flying in the night sky.

This quadcopter can help you learn the basics of flying a drone and give you a chance to improve your skills step by step. If you’re not after the best drone on the market and you’re a true fan of Batman, you can choose between the HD camera version or the cheaper one, that comes without a camera at all.

For newcomers, It would better to start with a simpler model and move on to more complex units, such as the DJI Mavic or DJI Phantom units, over time. In addition, a drone repair service of the pricier units will surely tip the scales. If you’re serious about mastering the art of drone flight, taking a strategic approach is a wise choice. Start with a lower class unit, like the Propel Batwing, and look out for the right drone deals to get the best price.

Batwing drone specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3.7 inches x 4 inches x 1 inch
  • Design: Lightweight ABS plastic frame
  • License: Hobby grade licensed drone
  • Speed settings: Three
  • Maximum speed: 30mph
  • Gyro: 6-axis gyro
  • Camera: Built-in HD camera to film in 720p resolution
  • Storage: Micro SD card required (not included)
  • Maximum flight range: 200ft

Impressive design

Propel has put plenty of effort into making the Batwing look like a tiny plane not without attention to the details. The drone has a 6-axis gyro for optimal stability and it’s made of lightweight ABS plastic. The Batwing requires 4 propellers to fly but out of the box, you will get six plus two spare ones. Using the propeller guard is highly recommended when still learning to safely fly a drone.


Propel’s reverse propulsion technology allows the drone an unique flight.Its propellers are positioned beneath the drone itself which allows far greater control. A lovely touch is the fact that all propellers are transparent and when the drone takes off, they virtually disappear.


It has a multidirectional control system and can reach speeds of up to 30 mph over a range of 200 ft. You can also track the drone via the built-in altitude sensor.


The 2.4GHz  controller is well designed and it comes with tiny handles for a better grip. The Switch Blade technology allows operation in 3- or 4-channel modes while the 4 channel mode is by far the simplest to handle. A peculiar benefit is the “stunt” button that allows the Batwing drone to carry a risk-free barrel roll.


The Batwing can roll 360 degrees. It features an HD camera that can take photos and videos in a 720p resolution. The recordings can be streamed through your phone via Bluetooth.

The drone itself doesn’t have any storage, but it has a microSD slot for cards up to 32GB. You also get a microSD card reader for transferring footage to your computer via USB.


Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have a mobile phone app to control it so don’t lose it from your sight. You can get good quality images as long you take such in a bright and sunny day but don’t go expecting miracles in less favourable conditions. As it’s a toy drone, you can’t compare it with the DJI drones so keep your camera expectations realistic.

The drone itself measures just 3.7 inches by 4 inches and it’s equipped with a low-noise drone technology so you can use it inside and outside your home.


Different flying modes

The Batwing is good for beginners and advanced pilots with its different flying modes. The first one comes with speed limit but even choosing some of the others the drone is stable.   

Battery Life

The battery is held in place by a nice plastic cage. Inserting and removing the battery is how you turn on and off your drone. You get up to six minutes of flight time, and a full charge takes 60 minutes.


Conclusion: Anyone that’s a fan of Batman will like the Batwing HD drone and furthermore it’s easy to fly. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor flights and the prop guards will help you keep the props safe while flying.

Air Hogs RC Batwing

The Air Hogs Batwing is the official replica from the “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie.

Optimized for outdoor use this drone features 2.4GHz communication for long-range control, rear thruster lights for an extra blast of speed, and built-in wheels for a smooth take-off.

Great Design

This drone features authentic styling from the “Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice”, while the controller is branded with the Batman logo. NO doubts it can impress any DC fan!

Easy to handle

Fly the Batwing and keep the Gotham City citizens safe! The remote control is equipped with a 2.4 GHz processor that ensure a high performance flight while the range is up to 250 ft. This easy to operate unit provides a truly excellent flying experience. The batwing requires 6 AA batтeries and you will get around 6-7 minutes flight time.

Real lights & wheels

This authentic RC BATWING features rear thruster LEDs that light up as you accelerate and blast through the night sky above Gotham. Plus, getting around Gotham has never been easier thanks to built-in wheels that assist with takeoffs and landings as you return to the Batcave.


A 2.4GHz remote control unit provides high-performance and responsive control with up to 250 ft range.

The rear thruster lights fire up when you accelerate and built-in wheels enable ground take-off.

RC BATWING is for ages 8+ and requires 6 AA batteries (not included).

Conclusion: With its great design and functionalities, the Batwing unit will definitely give you many hours of exciting flight.


Criminals are running among Gotham’s streets and citizens need their hero. Becomel the Dark Knight as you grab the 2.4 GHz remote controller. The Batmobile responsive linkage steering and the 2.4GHz processor deliver precise control and long-range capabilities for a thrilling driving experience.


Equipped with “brushed metal” details and a motorized turret, the Batmobile looks and feels like the real thing.

Feel the burst of speed with the rear red LEDs that light up each time you hit the throttle. Watch as the four front-mounted LEDs move as you steer the Batmobile, so obstacles are illuminated during high-speed chases.


Illuminate the streets with the four front-mounted LEDs!


Branded with the Batman symbol, the 2.4GHz remote controller helps you drive the Batmobile over long distances. Chasing villains is easy with the help of responsive linkage steering. A nice touch is that both the controller and the vehicle have on/off switches to preserve your battery life.

Air Hogs, RC Batmobile Invader Edition, 1:24 Scale Replica

One of the differences with the previous models is that this one uses an infrared (IR) remote which required an unobstructed line of sight and cannot be used outdoors.

This model uses 6 AA batteries – 3 for the controller and 3 for the Batmobile.

You can see the same great details in the design and it’s pretty durable too so this version of the Batmobile is great for your 5-7 years old kids.

It’s 1/24 scale version so it’s perfect for your indoor rides.

Conclusion: This RC Batmobile will not disappoint you with its impressive design, durability and manoeuvrability

Air Hogs Batman vs Superman Zero Gravity Remote Control Batmobile Vehicle

The most special thing about this model is the award-winning, patented Wall Climber Technology that allows you to drive the car on walls, ground and upside down on the ceiling.

The Zero Gravity Batmobile is equipped with 5 directional control and an infrared sensor that allows you to chase the Bat Symbol anywhere you want to. Point the Bat-Signal at the wall or floor and enjoy the ride!

All in all, these impressive DC replicas are made for tons of fun and to look as close as possible to satisfy the pickiest of DC fans!