House of X/Powers of X Reading Order

House of X/Powers of X is the comeback of popular writer Jonathan Hickman, last seen at Marvel working on the huge Secret Wars crossover. Arguably, this return on X-Men is bigger in terms of scope and indeed issues than Secret Wars and in my opinion one of the biggest and best modern comic book storylines ever conceived.

House of X/Powers of X is a prequel to the main event – Dawn of X which is followed by Reign of X– and pretty essential reading to get a handle of where everything is going. It is a new continuity and establish what’s what and who’s who.

From a reading order point of view, it is easy with no tie ins needed to get it complete. It’s easily available in trades as well as the loose issues themselves. Below are two reading order – trades and issue by issue, to help you read the whole thing in the way you prefer.

House of X is centered around Professor X and his new masterplan for mutants

Powers of X is centered around mutants themselves and they secret history.

Both combine and lead into Dawn of X which is about mutant’s new struggles and Professor X’s role within that struggle.

House of X/Powers of X Trade Reading Order


All you need for House of X/Powers of X is one single collected edition which has issues #1-#6 of House of X and #1-#6 of Powers of X. That’s it! Once you have this book, we recommend reading them in the order listed in the issue by issue guide below.

House Of X/Powers Of X
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House Of X/Powers Of X
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House of X/Powers of X Issue by Issue Reading Order

Here is the correct order to read House of X/Powers of X. Easy.

  1. House of X #1: “The House that Xavier Built”
  2. Powers of X #1: “The Last Dream of Professor X”
  3. House of X #2: “The Uncanny Life of Moira X”
  4. Powers of X #2: “We Are Together Now, You and I”
  5. Powers of X #3: “This Is What You Do”
  6. House of X #3: “Once More unto the Breach”
  7. House of X #4: “It Will Be Done”
  8. Powers of X #4: “Something Sinister”
  9. House of X #5: “Society”
  10. Powers of X #5: “For the Children”
  11. House of X #6: “House of X”
  12. Powers of X #6: “I Am Not Ashamed”

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