Batman Night of the Monster Men Reading Order

Night of the Monster Men is the first Bat family crossover during the Rebirth era by Steve Orlando and James Tynion IV. and one that does not interfere with the main Batman/Nightwing or Detective Comics books in any way. They’re referred to a tad but otherwise has no lasting impact.

It is a Hugo Strange centred book, and a spiritual successor to “Monster Men”, a 2006 story by Matt Wagner from the Dark Moon Rising limited series.

That being said, it is a short and sweet storyline that’s easy to collect through a collected edition and issue by issue. The Night of the Monster Men issues are not seen in the regular Batman/Detective Comics/Nightwing collected books.

Because of the detached nature, there is no lead up nor is there an aftermath outside of these issues.

Night of the Monster Men Trade Reading Order


This is easy. The trade has every issue you need and no filler. Collects Batman #7-#8, Nightwing #5-#6 and Detective Comics #941-#942. For the order to read them in see below.

Batman: Night of the Monster Men
  • Hardcover Book
  • King, Tom (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Night of the Monster Men Issue by Issue Reading Order

These are the issues and the order to read Night of the Monster Men.

  1. Batman #7
  2. Nightwing #5
  3. Detective Comics #941
  4. Batman #8
  5. Nightwing #6
  6. Detective Comics #942

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