Hellbat Armor

Hellbat Armor

The Hellbat Armor is a special bat suit designed and built by Batman/Bruce Wayne and forged by the Justice League to enable Batman to defend himself and others against Justice League superhuman threats that Batman would otherwise be incapable of fighting. Origins The Hellbat Armor first appeared in Batman and Robin (New 52) #33 as …

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Batman Detective Comics, Volume 3: League of Shadows Review

Detective Comics Volume 3: League of Shadows is without a doubt an Orphan/Cassandra Cain storyline with everything else being a supportive cast, including Batman, Batwoman, Clayface and Batwing from the Batmen. Although a new mini arc, it is still a continuation of the very first issue of Rebirth Detective Comics. If you like Cassandra Cain …

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Batman Contagion Review

Batman: Contagion Review

Batman: Contagion is a 1996 arc which involves a devastating virus coming to Gotham city and the Bat family scramble to find the cure before it’s too late. The Bat-Family during this time in Batman’s timeline are Batman, Azrael, Nightwing, Robin III, Oracle and Catwoman. It begins a chain of events which ultimately leads to …

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