punchline reading order

Punchline Reading Order

Punchline has become a runaway success since her debut in Batman #89 (a cameo) and full appearance in Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3 during James Tynion IV’s Batman run and drawn by Jorge Jimenez. With Harley Quinn out of the picture for The Joker, Punchline (real name Alexis Kaye) stepped in as an …

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batman hush reading order

Batman Hush Reading Order

Hush, who’s real name is Thomas Elliot, is a major supervillains who debuted in 2003 by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. His debut issue was Batman #609 in the storyline named after him, which is a rare occurrence. Considering how many new villains are created and barely seen again, Hush endured and become a major …

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future state reading order

Future State Reading Order

Future State is a “possible future” spawned from the aftermath of Dark Knights: Death Metal. It is a huge crossover storyline centred mostly around the Justice League. It is a relatively simple series to follow with trades covering all of the issues – this makes the issue by issue collection expensive and possibly pointless. There …

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