Where To Read Invincible Comics

Invincible is a now finished super hero comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published through Image comics. It began in 2003 and ended in 2018 with its 144th issue.

It is arguably one of the best super hero comics out there despite being relatively new and up against decades upon decades of competition from monsters such as Marvel and DC.

However, what makes this series attractive to new readers is that it is has a clear start and end, it doesn’t have convoluted crossovers (looking at you DC) and reboots to deal with (looking at you Spider-Man) and the storyline itself is refreshing for the superhero genre.

It was popular at the time of print and it’s even more popular now with the 2018 animated TV series on Amazon. Perhaps this is the reason you’re here and you want to know how you can read the original material.

There are plenty of places you can get a hold of Invincible comics, from start to end, both online and offline. In this article we give you all the options we can think of where to read Invincible comic books.

Image Comics Website

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If you’ve not even started reading Invincible then head over to Image Comics’ website and read the first issue digitally FOR FREE. Here you’ll be able to read Invincible #1 in full colour on any modern device such as a laptop, tablet or even phone.

This is a good place to start but not a good place to continue and collect every Invincible issue – you can’t buy the rest digitally on Image’s website and instead they will direct you to the Comic Shop Locator (US stores), Google Play and Kindle.

But, you might read #1, not like it, and it can end there without cost to you. However, if you loved the first issue then you can either move on to buy the issue digitally, by the issue physically, buy the first trade paperback, hardcover collection or compendium.

You could also pirate it but we don’t condone that in fact we have never pirated a single comic at The Gotham Archives.


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For digital issues or the collect editions, Comixology is a great place to read Invincible. You can buy them in one go or you can sign up for Comixology unlimited for $5.99 a month. With 144 issues in the series, it could take you a couple of months to get through the whole series but that is quite the bargain.

You can get the Comixology app on iOs, Android and Google Phone as well as Amazon branded tablets. Kindle is available on well, Kindle.

With Comixology you don’t get just Invincible but practically every comic ever made so a good investment for avid comic book readers who aren’t into collecting physical copies.

Your Local Comic Book Shops

Where to read Invincible comics? Your local comic book shop of course! You can use Comic Shop Locator to find your nearest ones!

In my experience, however, LCS is a good place to find the latest issues (which there are none – it’s finished) and the first couple of volumes of Invincible, but you may not find ALL of the Invincible books that you want – but, if you are just wanting to get started they’ll probably have a few copies for you to skim read and then potentially buy.

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If you have a library card, then Hoopla is an app where you can read Invincible comics for free from your local libraries. A library card is a must for comic books because often they will have various physical copies of comics you can take out as well as Hoople itself.

It’s a no-brainer!


We’ve tried to leave this one till last. The easiest way but perhaps the most expensive way to read Invincible comics is through the likes of Amazon and eBay, particularly if you’re looking to get the trade paperbacks and the compendiums. Amazon owned Comixology and Kindle so you can also get them that way.

So, where can you read Invincible comics for free and paid?

There are plenty of places to read Invincible comics for free online if you were to search, but if you have a library card you can read them legitimately for free.

To get a hold of them digitally on the cheap, Comixology unlimited is your best bet.

If you want to own them physically, then your local comic book shops will have some issues but Amazon/eBay will have them all.

Happy reading!