Dress up as your favourite DC characters this Halloween! 

Going to a dress up do for Halloween? Or want to dress to impress the kids as they go around Trick or Treating? Give them a super welcome with a DC costume, or steal the show with an evil twist or wow with a Wonder-ous outfit!

We’ve teamed up with the fancy dress company Crazy Wizard to suggest a few ideas for your costume, including the classics, a few late TV and film appearances and a couple you may not have thought of!

Batman & Robin


Da na na na na na na na, da na na na na na na na – Batman! Perhaps two of the most iconic characters from the DC comics, Batman and his sidekick Robin are awesome costumes on their own or, of course, in the original pair, if you and your mate or partner want to dress up together! Immediately recognisable, this is sure to be a Halloween winner for whatever dress up party you’re heading to.



The Joker

Or if you’re feeling something a little more evil, (or want to go in a pair as Batman and nemesis) then put a smile on that face! You can also get classic Joker accessories such as his cane or a plastic knife for cutting grins.


Or you could go as The Joker from Suicide Squad, since in this he has his own particular get up. That’s if you don’t want to stick to the original!


There’s no dress up as super as this! Guys can show off their gym hours in Superman’s spandex jumpsuit while ladies can look the part of Supergirl, in a sexy getup with cape. Or you can do the toned-down version by sporting a tee with the classic Super logo, and pairing with some pants over tights!

Super Girl

Or if you’d like to go more casual (or tight fancy dress is less your thing) there are cool superman/girl ponchos available for a minimal effort dress up.


Wonder Woman

Following the new Wonder Woman film, this is probably going to be a popular costume come Halloween! Also a super-sexy, striking dress up, dare to don yourself as Diana, Princess of the Amazons and be the star of the party.


Another classic sexy get up for Halloween – Cat Woman. Miaw. With her common associations with Batman, this could be a great partner dress up opportunity or a super solo one.


Or just dress in black and add some catty accessories like these!

The Flash

Now an American TV series, you’ll have to be quick to claim this as your costume for Halloween! Although not an easy dress up since you have to go for the Flash’s full red jumpsuit and mask versus some of the other options that can be dressed down, this get up will certainly be a people pleaser! And you’re sure to look damn cool.

Poison Ivy

A character you may not have considered for your Halloween costume, Poison Ivy is easy to do and intriguing. You can make yourself a costume, wrapping yourself in plastic leaves over green clothes or check out some of the ready-made outfits that you buy online.

Harley Quinn

Another from the Suicide Squad, this again will be another popular choice for Halloween 2017 with the Suicide Squad films still being semi-recent. Sport pigtails, some funky make up and a costume to match the comics or film, whichever you prefer!


Suicide Squad team member #2, the sniper and master gunman Dead Shot is a super cool option for Halloween and one that many might not go for. Deadly, dark and a downright creepy outfit, no one’s going to mess with you dressed as this.

Killer Croc

Our final Suicide Squad character (and final costume suggestion for you today), Killer Croc is the perfect Halloween costume for scaring the b-jeezus out of your friends. Get the mask here for £17.97 or the full outfit here for £29.

We hope some of these suggestions have given you some good ideas for this Hallows Eve! Send us any more ideas you have and we’ll add them to the list!