Batman Shirts

T shirts are the most popular merchandise of any comic book / superhero character and it’s a cheap way to show your interest in whatever character and culture. With so many t shirts around for Batman we’ve created this page to showcase what we believe to be the best batman shirts and categorise them – we’ve got Batman symbol, Batman comic book art, LEGO Batman, shirts inspired by the live action movies and then a final category for funny / everything else shirts. Enjoy!

Batman Symbol T-Shirts

T-Shirts with the Batman symbol on the chest are some of the most popular T-shirts we get enquiries on as having the logo on the chest is so close to how Batman himself has it and as there have been so many different logos throughout the years the number of different ones you can get is unreal. Superhero T-shirts themselves are becoming more and more popular with The Dark Knight being at the top of the list.

We’ve tried to keep our below shirt recommendations as varied as possible to not be repetitive. Found a great Batman symbol shirt that you think others would love? Why not send us an email and we can get it added.

Black/Yellow Batman Symbol T Shirt

Batman Classic Logo T Shirt (Small)
This is one of the most iconic and popular Batman shirts out there and one that many people who aren't even big Batman fans probably own. Will fit 'as it should'.

Batman: Hush Symbol Shirt

Batman Hush Symbol T Shirt

This shirt is probably in our top 5 of all time. The contrasting grey on black is the exact colours of the Dark Knight and the logo used in Hush is one of the most famous and well designed. We feel that this is one of the best looking Batman shirts, period.

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Batman Big Bat Symbol Shirt

Popfunk Batman v Superman Movie Batman Uniform Logo Dark Gray Heather T Shirt & Stickers (Medium)
This shirt by 682 Designs showcases a weathered and gritty 'big' Batman symbol, similar to the Batman vs Superman one. I personally have this shirt and it's one of my favourites. You can get this is black, grey and navy and in sizes small-5XL

Justice League Batman Shirt

Justice League Batman T-Shirt, Graphic Short-Sleeve Novelty Tee (Black, XL)
Using the bat symbol used in the Justice League comics this shirt is another choice out there for someone who wants greys and blacks. Comes in both grey/black and black/grey - click the product to find out more.

Batman Sekelton Bat Shirt

Batman Skeleton Symbol Shirt

Want a Batman logo shirt that’s really unique? Why not check out this amazing X-ray Bat skeleton shirt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this shirt in the wild so as far as I’m concerned you’ll have a proper unique shirt on your hands if you decide to buy it.

Sizes Available: S, M, L, 2XL, 3XL.

Material: 100% Cotton

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Batman Arkham Superhero Costume Shirt

Batman Beyond Symbol Shirt

What Batman logo list would be complete without the Batman Beyond modern logo. The stylish logo with the black/red contrast makes this a superbly good looking shirt and perfect for fans of the animated series or the comic series. Available in small to 5xl.

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Distressed Vintage Yellow/Black Bat Logo Shirt

Batman Logo Distressed Vintage DC Comics T Shirt & Stickers (Large)
This shirt has a distressed look for those looking to get a shirt that is a bit more casual and every day.

Red Hood Logo Shirt

Batman Beyond Logo Shirt

If you’re a fan of Red Hood / Jason Todd then this shirt is unmissable as it sports the striking logo of the hero come enemy come hero. The combination of black and red also makes it a good looking shirt any way in our opinion! Red Hood is not what we’d call mainstream so you may also get a few people starting trying to work this one out. Made using 100% cotton and available in sizes small to 5XL.

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Battleraddle Batman USA Shirt

Batman Comic Art Shirts

If you are into your comic books and graphic novels like we are and maybe you have a favourite picture or scene then Batman comic art shirts are for you. Many of these shirts literally have a scene taken from one of the books and printed on. We’ve tried to list what we feel are the best ones here.

DC Comics Justice League Characters – Batman

DC Comics Just League Characters - Batman
Show your allegiance to both Batman and DC Comics with this rather cool DC logo with Batman in the logo shirt. All Justice League characters also available from the product page for a complete set. Available in sizes small to 5xl and made using 100% cotton

Batman Hush Comic Cover Shirt

Batman Hush Comic Shirt

Batman: Hush is one of the world’s most famous Batman comic and certainly one of our favourites (check our review of Batman: Hush here). What better way to pay homage to Jeph Loeb’s work by wearing a shirt with the front cover on from Batman #608. Also features “HUSH” on the sleeve.

Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

Materials: 100% cotton

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The Killing Joker Joker’s Laugh Shirt

The Killing Joke Joker Laugh Shirt

You’ll notice a trend that shirts which get comic art tend to be the most highly regarded or the ones with the biggest cult following. The Killing Joke is one of the darkest comics and overall best Batman comics ever written and drawn. This iconic scene of Joker’s madness is one of the most memorable and helps create a striking yet dark T-shirt for fans.

Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

Material: 100% Cotton

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Dark Knights Metal Tour Tee

Dark Knights Metal Tour Tee

We LOVE what they’ve done with this shirt. With Dark Knights Metal #1 Batman on the cover and pretend tour dates on the back this could trick a lot of people into thinking this is real tour merchandise. Clearly, a lot of thought was put into this and it just looks badass! Made using 100% cotton and available in sizes small-2XL.

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Lego Batman Shirts

One of our favourite Batman films of all time, The Lego Batman Movie, has spawned a bit of a following since its release and of course that means more merchandise! We’ve collected a few of our favourite Lego Batman themed shirts for your viewing and shopping pleasure here.

All Characters LEGO Batman Shirt for Boys

All Characters LEGO Batman Shirt for Boys
This eye catching and very colourful montage of a few LEGO Batman characters will certainly show that you love LEGO Batman without any doubt. If you're into bold shirts then you'll dig this.

LEGO Batman “Block” shirt for boys

Boys DC Comics Lego Batman Movie Character Blocks Black Graphic T-Shirt - Medium
Another great Lego Batman shirt for boys which is full of colour and square panels for all the major characters, has a small Lego Batman symbol on the bottom, too.

LEGO Batman Crumbling Bricks T-Shirt

LEGO Men's Movie Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Bad Buy Black, Large
This great design showcases the characters all around Batman in a crumbling brick formation. Batman is right in the middle with the name underneath. A simple yet subtle design. Made with 100% cotton and available in sizes small to 2XL

Batman Live Action Movie Shirts

There have been a few films over the years starting with the 1989 classic starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Movie merchandise is always been popular and some may be harder to find these days, especially for the older live action films. We’ve collected some of our favourite Batman movie shirts here.

Batman VS Superman Contrast Shirt

This is a stylish shirt with The Dark Knight striking a pose with contrasting blacks whites and greys. This is a high quality shirt that won’t wash out and will stay fresh for a long time after repeated use.
Batman VS Superman Contrast Shirt

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Why so Serious? Short Sleeved shirt

DC Batman Dark Knight Photo Why So Serious Official Men's T-Shirt (Black) (Large)
This is an iconic image of Heath Ledger's Joker holding the famous 'Why so serious?' card. If you're into Batman villains as much as you're into the Caped Crusader himself then this might be the shirt for you, especially if your favourite is not only Joker but Heath Ledger's Joker.

Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice Logo Short Sleeved Shirt

Batman Movie Symbol Shirt

This is a simple shirt with the Batman vs Superman logo on it. Looks like authentic movie merchandise which can greatly enhance a collector’s collection. One of the more simple yet stylish looks!

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Batman and Joker ’89 Original Merchandise shirt

Batman and Joker '89 Original Merchandise shirt
This one of a kind t shirt comemorates the 1989 Batman film with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson's characters side by side in costume. If you're a fan of the film that started it all then this a must buy. Available for both men and women sizes S-2XL. Made with 100% cotton.

Other/Funny Batman Shirts

For other Batman shirts that can’t be categories like the above you’ll find them here. Some of these are our most popular shirts simply because they aren’t ‘mainstream’ and usually have an unique designed not found in many places.

Wayne Enterprises Shirt

Wayne Enterprises -Batman Movie Graphic Clothing - T-Shirt - Black - Medium
Pretend you're a real employe of Wayne Enterprises with one of these fourth wall breaking mock merchandise. Uses the genuine Wayne Enterprises logo from the comics and live action movies.

Tuxedo Batsuit Shirt

Batman Tuxedo Shirt

Bruce Wayne has made preparations to become Batman at the drop of a head by planting Batsuits and accessories strategically around Gotham city. You can be the same with this hilarious tuxedo shirt and Batsuit t-shirt. Add some humour to your collection of Batman merchandise with this. Made using 100% polyester and available in sizes small to 3XL.

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Not A Morning Person Shirt

Not A Morning Person Shirt

Show everyone to bad off in the morning with this funny ‘not a morning shirt’ with the cute Batman cartoon holding a cup of coffee in a Batman official mug. Let everyone know to keep a wide berth in the morning.

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