Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn Review

Following the Final Crisis and the demise of Batman – Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne’s son Damian clean up the streets against new and old foes.



Dick Grayson Struggling Batman Reborn

Bruce isn’t around anymore following the major events in Final Crisis so it’s up to Dick and Damian to keep an eye on Gotham in his absence. Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn focuses on a different dynamic duo that we’re used to – a softer Batman and a more brutal Robin. Grant Morrison tries his hand at blending new perspectives on old roles – and in my opinion he does it very, very well.

Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn Review

Let me just get straight to the point – I loved this book and it’s definitely one of my favourites. It’s got the modern artwork that I am a fan of which really brings the events of the book to life. Not only that but it’s got Dick Grayson as the main character and it is my first book where Damian features in.

Throughout the book Dick Grayson struggles to come to terms with his new role; one where it’s more thrusted upon him rather than a choice. I always find Dick Grayson to be one of the most organic

Red Hood Batman Reborn
Red Hood and Sasha

characters in the DC universe, he often has problems, anxiety, doubts but is strong willed, courageous and honest and Grant Morrison, to me, wrote Dick exactly how he should be written.

Dick’s struggling, he really is, he’s lost his mentor and father figure and to make matters worse he now has Bruce’s prodigous and hot-headed son to look after. This is a reflection of Batman & Robin’s early years except it’s not quite a partnership. During Batman Reborn Damian does some truly reckless things around the city and Dick’s struggling to keep him in line to the point where they both land in serious trouble.

Damian, on the other hand, is a complete idiot. He makes some bad decisions and clearly he, as well as Dick, is struggling with Bruce’s absence. In the early stages of the book Dick isn’t a firm leader and fails to get the point across that he is in charge now, slowly but surely Damian does realise the folly of his ways but not before he makes some monumental cock-ups along the way.

Batman and Damian
Uh oh..

The general plot line of the book involves chasing down Professor Pyg and the Dollotron’s before the focus is moved to his seriously disturbed daughter Sasha. Soon enough, Sasha is taken under the wing of the Red Hood. The plot line is good, kept me intrigued and well drawn but it wasn’t the best part of the book for me – I found the plot line was more of a sub plot to delve into this

new relationship between the new Batman & Robin. Even the reappearance of Jason Todd couldn’t overshadow the new dynamic.

At times, the book is rather brutal with grim scenes involving Professor Pyg and Sasha but never spills over to the unnecessary with some comics I’ve read – as the book draws closer to the end one thing becomes really obvious to the reader – Damian isn’t ready for his new role just yet. Dick Grayson is and there is no one else in the DC universe more capable of filling Bruce’s shoes than him. Can you tell I’m a fan of Dick Grayson?

Flamingo Batman Reborn


Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn is a very fresh and modern take on an old formula. With a decent plot line and a fantastically written

relationship between the new Batman and Robin makes this one of my favourite Batman books.

The story continues in Batman & Robin: Batman Vs. Robin!