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Welcome to the Gotham Archives. This is a fan site for primarily the Batman comics which I read and then review.

My name’s Ronnie and I am 30 years old from St. Helens, Merseyside, UK. I enjoy football, video games, graphic novels and I will be married this year. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist and a dog lover an spend a lot of time working with websites to improve their online visibility to earn my living (and comic book money!).

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My history with Batman and Gotham City

Batman Mega Drive
Batman on the Mega Drive

My history with Batman and Gotham City is a long one, my first experience with Batman was the Genesis game from 1989, I played and completed this game (once) to death ay before I finally watched the film. My first Batman film was Batman Returns then the Schumacher films. Although I didn’t do anything between Batman & Robin and Batman Begins I still remained a fan. The Christopher Nolan trilogy then followed and I was once again hooked. However, the biggest  event for me which lead to me to begin reading the novels was the Arkham series of games on the Ps3 and Ps4 – when I played these games and characters cropped up which I was completely unfamiliar with it got me very curious.Arkham Asylum

I enjoyed the rich lore in Arkham Asylum, City, Origins and Knight and I wanted to know more. I felt “How can I be a fan if I don’t know who half these people are?” – I was a bit embarrassed to even call myself a Batman fan at this point and I realised that I need to explore the graphic novels finally – at this point I was an adult in full time work so I was able to afford the novels. If you’re a comic book fan reading this you’ll know that collecting comics is expensive!

My history with the Batman comics

The Killing JokeI am a latecomer to the graphic novel/comic scene having only purchased my first ever novel in 2015 – that book was The Killing Joke followed swiftly by The Dark Knight Returns, as you can probably guess my first few choices were based on the most well known and acclaimed novels. Those two classic books were enough to get me hooked and I kept getting more and more – initially purchasing the popular ones which were highly rated online before then purchasing based on the plot lines I was interested in or books where villains I hadn’t read about yet were in.

I’ve been purchasing and reading the collections and trade paperbacks rather than the weekly issues although it is something I would consider in the future. The collections are easier to get, easier to keep and tend to be fairly big so they would last me quite a while to finish. I prefer to sit down and read for hours rather than for a few minutes at a time.

Now I have almost 30 novels (at time of writing). You can see my collection here.

Edit: It is now well over 200!


6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I just wanted to say how amazing it is to find your website! I delved into comic reading really late and used a good sum of my finances not knowing how to buy comics. I am definitely going to keep coming back here as a source for hard copies of my Batman collection. I’ve tried Comixology but it isn’t the same.

    Will you be doing any “Batman: Rebirth” reviews and reading order? If you have, where can I find it.

    Again, thank you for this amazing archive!!

  2. I want to say thanks for the hard work that you did collecting the information, I know it’s hard bc I’m trying to just keep track of what comics & what TPB’s I have. I’m in the process of writing down what books I have so I dont buy duplicates, which I have done time and time again. The time put into having the comics in the correct chronological reading order in single issue as well as Trades…
    In all your research did you come across any websites or lists similar to your Batman Events, but a list for all the single issues for reading ‘Flashpoint’ event? I bought Flashpoint: Batman & Flashpoint: Superman. DC doesnt (as far as I know) make a Flashpoint Omnibus or Compendium. If you came across any information would you mind sharing that with me? If you havent read Flashpoint: Batman, it’s worth the read.

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