batman hush reading order

Batman Hush Reading Order

Hush, who’s real name is Thomas Elliot, is a major supervillains who debuted in 2003 by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. His debut issue was Batman #609 in the storyline named after him, which is a rare occurrence. Considering how many new villains are created and barely seen again, Hush endured and become a major …

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future state reading order

Future State Reading Order

Future State is a “possible future” spawned from the aftermath of Dark Knights: Death Metal. It is a huge crossover storyline centred mostly around the Justice League. It is a relatively simple series to follow with trades covering all of the issues – this makes the issue by issue collection expensive and possibly pointless. There …

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Robin War Reading Order

Robin War Reading Order

The Robin War is one of the smallest events out there which can be easily passed by for casual readers, but it is a lot bigger than what other reading orders out there describe. For those who want to experience all of the Robin War, the prelude, actual event and the aftermath then we’ve covered …

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